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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our management believes our people are the pillars of our core competence and we have in place a Corporate Social Responsibility programme that focuses on the well-being of our employees. We also encourage our employees to participate regularly in all recreation and social activities.


We built our own dormitories for our employees. These dormitories are provided with basic amenities such as hot showers, recreation rooms, canteen and many more for the benefit of our staffs.


We organize many staff outings and sporting activities such as cycling, bowling, badminton, football tournaments and excursions to places of interests.

Social Work

We encourage our staff to show their kindness and have a heart for the needy and environment. Trips to orphanages, old folk’s homes, ‘gotong-royong’ activities and clean-up work around our factory compound are being organized regularly.
Copyright © 2023 by Local Basic. All Rights Reserved.